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For you, from us - 
For the Next Generation

At Breitenstein Agencies, we believe that the industry is changing. We've seen it grow over two decades and feel that our brands and products are just as relevant now as they were then. 

In this current moment, we're seeing a global shift towards sustainability and durability. The focus has moved towards strong quality products created to last, from ethically sourced materials that care for both children and the planet. The Scandinavian approach to fashion has always been towards timeless and practical products, that last from child to child, year after year. It's about making things un-complicated, reliable and trustworthy.

That's what we do, and who we are. We work hard to make sure that the rest stays simple. We're a dynamic team with extensive experience in marketing, merchandising, sales and management. We carefully pick and curate the brands that we work with, to make sure that all of them provide something valuable to the market, and carry the values that we so strongly believe in. 

Our clients include major department stores, some of the largest international online retailers, as well as leading independent boutiques. Across the board we emphasise a close and invested working relationship with our clients, and aim to offer an outstanding customer service.

At Breitenstein Agencies we pride ourselves in longevity - in enduring quality,  style and our dependable client relations.

For you, from us - 

For the Next Generation. 

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