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Popular all over the world with an origin story rooted in World War Two, when Walter Hoy realized the leather used in military boots would work well as sturdy, durable sandals for little ones. 

These days, Saltwater develop styles for women and kids which are both great to wear and to look at. An iconic heritage summer staple. 

Salt Water Women


This year it has been over 115 years since the founding of the company, and today ANGULUS is a proud family owned company, passed down from generation to generation. Today father and son, Christian and Sebastian Dawe, are working side by side developing the ANGULUS brand.

The use the highest quality materials and create the product in their very own factory in Portugal from top grade materials. 

Consistently ahead of trends and always forward thinking, ANGULUS' story continues to develop to bring forward thinking designs that embody the values of sustainability and quality. 

ang adult
mp w


Made with the same sustainable and quality principles as the children's range, the collections designed for women by MP are always popular.


With a range of styles, from bold and colourful, to inspiring prints, or rather subtle and understated, the range always caters to everyone. 


They also cross over to the range for little ones in some of their basic styles, so it's possible to get matching styles for a bit of fun co-ordination. 



Produced in Italy, this branch of MP was designed to bring high quality hosiery to those looking for something extra from their hosiery. With a broad range of colours and patterns from neon's to neutrals, the collections of tights, leggings, socks and micro shorts are designed with every style in mind.

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